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GPO Designs specialises in planning applications, building drawings and plans for house extensions, loft conversions and conservatories.


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Building Plans produced for Loft Conversions
Interactive planning guide from the Planning Portal


Planning Permission Appeals Service


Our appeals service deals with all aspects of Planning Appeals.


If your application is rejected by the Local Authority we can prepare and present your appeal directly to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. Nationally over one third of householder planning appeals were successful in 2011.


This service is generally only available for Planning Applications prepared by ourselves. Please contact us for details if we did not produce your original application.





If we hear that an application is likely to be rejected prior to a formal decision being made we will contact you to discuss whether to withdraw the application and submit an amended set of plans. This may be the preferred approach, primarily to reduce the overall planning time but also to keep objectors on side, avoid a string of failed applications being recorded against your property which may prejudice future applications, or even, in a small number of cases, the sale of the property.


Once a formal decision is made we can examine the reasons for the decision and either: if it is considered that the decision is flawed, proceed to an Appeal; or, modify the plans where possible to address the issues raised and then submit a new application. We will contact you to discuss your options if your application is rejected.


Re-Application with Modified Plans:  500


Often modification of the plans and re-application may be the quickest route to obtaining Planning Permission.


Once the formal planning decision has been made GPO Designs can modify your plans and prepare a new application a charge of 500 (excluding any Local Authority Fees) providing an additional visit to your property is  not required.  (In many cases a second Planning Application can be submitted without incurring additional Local Authority Fees.)


Formal Appeal


Where modification of the plans is not an option we can prepare and submit your appeal case. Please contact us for further details of this service.

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